Hard Water and its Toll on Tampa Residents

Did you know that in the last five years Florida has ranked as the state with the second-worst water quality in the country? According to a study done by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Florida’s hard water was named among the top-five systems with safety violations.

These unsafe water violations can include any of the following chemicals and/or bacteria:

  • disinfection byproducts
  • nitrates and nitrites
  • lead and copper
  • coliform bacteria
  • surface water and groundwater quality

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water picks up unhealthy elements as it travels. It is measured by the total amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium that exists in the water. If a water sample is collected and it tests positive for these minerals, it is deemed to be hard water.

How Does Hard Water Affect My Daily Life?

It should first be noted that hard water in the Tampa area will not affect your health in any sort of life-or-death matter. Consumption of these minerals does not pose any threat to the well-being of residents; however, it could affect a few everyday necessities such as baths, dishes, and laundry. Let’s take a closer look at the type of negative results you might see from hard water existing in your plumbing system.


When taking a shower, hard water could hurt the health of your hair in the way that the minerals tend to dry it out. A lot of times, residents who have hard water coming out of their showerheads have to clean their shower area more than usual. This is due to the mineral buildup in their tiles and/or flooring.

Running the Dishwasher

Running the dishwasher is always a satisfying accomplishment. That is, until you notice a thin layer of residue on your “clean” dishes. When hard water dries on kitchenware, you will start to notice water spots that dry and leave stained residue on your dish. This will lead any resident to start hand-drying their dishes.

Using Laundry Appliances

Much like a dishwasher, laundry appliances are here to make our lives easier. While some detergents might advertise that their products are strong enough to face these hard water minerals, your clothes will tell the real story. Due to being soaked in hard water repetitively, some of your clothing items could change to a lighter color.

What Is the Solution to Hard Water?

Dealing with hard water in your plumbing can be taxing. The first step in resolving your issue is to test your water. Contact us today to have one of our plumbing professionals come out and run diagnostics. Not only will our team be able to figure out the quality of your water, but we will also be able to identify the source of your issues.

For some residents in Tampa, the solution might be as easy as installing a water softening filter in a certain sink or faucet. Other residents might require more substantial solutions like installing a water filtering system for the entire home, residence, or property.

Assess Your Water Before it’s Too Late

Whether you’ve just moved to Tampa or you’ve been a native of the area for decades, it’s important to evaluate your home’s water quality. In a report provided by tampa.gov, water hardness levels were found to be at a peak during the spring months of April and May. This could be for a several reasons - one being the time of year in which Tampa experiences its highest levels of precipitation.

My Plumber Inc. offers a variety of water treatment services, including but not limited to: carbon filters, well treatment systems, and water softener machine repairs. We’re here to help you start on the journey to cleaner water. Learn more by calling us at (813) 303-1007 today!