Does a Tankless Water Heater Help Save Money?

The short answer: Yes. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (USDE), the average household can save up to $100 each year with the use of a tankless water heater. In traditional water heating systems, the water you use is stored in a reserve tank. Due to colder temperatures outside, your energy provider is forced to keep this tank warm, which often means waiting 20 minutes to an hour for your water to reach a bearable warm temperature; not to mention the costs of running your energy during that time.

Maintenance and repairs are other ways you’ll save money with tankless water heaters. Whereas traditional water heaters can cost thousands of dollars to service and repair, tankless water heaters last much longer and the parts are cheaper to replace.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

What’s the best way to think about a tankless water heater as opposed to a traditional water heater system? Cut out the middleman, otherwise known as the holding tank. When you go to take a shower and turn the nozzle to heat, water will run through your pipes straight from the original source (well, septic system, etc.). In less than 30 seconds your water will be fully heated and ready to use. Most tankless water heaters are operated electrically, though there are a select few that have been known to use gas burners to heat water.

The Two Types of Tankless Water Heaters

It’s important to understand how tankless water heaters apply to the needs of your home. Point-of-use units can be installed for a certain part of your residence, while other systems, like whole-house units, are meant to cover the entire household and its occupants. Depending on your situation, these two tankless water heater solutions vary in price and efficiency.


These tankless water heaters usually benefit smaller family households. If your house has less than two bathrooms and you don’t expect to use critical water appliances at the same time, a point-of-use system could be the perfect answer. Our team can install these systems in a specific area of your house to help cut costs on energy or gas bills.


While a whole-house tankless water heater might cost more, the overall efficiency is much higher as well. If your family household consists of four or more occupants with three-plus bathrooms, this option is your best bet. In a whole-house system, the installation will include a recirculating pump. This helps to push water through the pipes so that hot water is always available when you need it. A recirculating pump will play the role of a tank without forcing your energy or gas bill to increase.

Where Can I Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

Unlike other simple plumbing solutions, a tankless water heater doesn’t involve a quick trip to your local hardware store. Installation is no easy task and should be taken with caution to achieve maximum efficiency. My Plumber, Inc. offers a variety of tankless water heater solutions to help take your water structure to the next level, but also lower your annual utility costs. Contact us today and speak to our team of plumbing professionals to evaluate your situation and go over your best options for installing a tankless water heater.